Sajadah Batik Quilt

sajadah-1-225x300 Sajadah Batik Quilt

Sajadah berhias kubah batik yang unik.

Ukuran 60 x 120 cm

Bahan katun halus dan batik cap halus, dilapis dacron yang empuk. Membuat sholat anda lebih nyaman dan selesa.

Menerima pemesanan sajadah batik quilt untuk seluruh Indonesia

Hubungi kami Di : Patch Cozy 08568607694

Instagram : Patch_Cozy

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Patch Cozy
Patchcozy is a craft company which specializes in Patchwork and Quilting
Our products are mainly home textiles such as bed covers, baby blankets, pillow cases, tablecloths, prayer mats, praying attires, fabric bags, etc.

Patchcozy is committed to promote Indonesian textiles utilizing only local materials for all its products. Local fabrics, namely cotton and batik, are the main materials to be boosted; applying good technic which result in neat and high quality products.

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